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Adjusting my skincare for the cold

We recently relocated from Houston to DC in the summer of 2017. I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast my entire life until now, so I know nothing but heat and humidity. And let me tell you something, Washingtonians, this is NOT a swamp and you do not know humidity! Lol! Yes, there technically may be nearby wetlands, and there is humidity. But go spend time in New Orleans or Houston in August and then we’ll chat!

I say all of this to say that after 30+ years, I had my skincare routine down, and I often received complements on my “glowing skin.” But unfortunately, fast forward to my new locale with changing weather (i.e. seasons affect skincare– who knew?) and different water and lack of humidity and suddenly my completion was far from “glowing!”

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been working diligently to get back to my previous place of knowing how to care for my skin. So I have been learned a few things along the way. First of all, I now sleep with a humidifier on my bedside table (all of the District just gasped) even in the summer. Secondly, I found a product line that I love that doesn’t put toxic chemicals into my skin. I use all the organic, natural products from Pure Haven. They are very affordable, non-toxic and solved all my problems! (See details below.)

However, in this intense and dry winter weather with temps in the teens, my skin has remains chapped and all my tools weren’t quite cutting it. It made me think about my poor little Lily girl and her sore paw issues on the salted sidewalks. (This is likely our fault due to being from the south and not knowing we needed to do anything or knowing what to do.) What I figured out for my Lils was to wipe her paws with Kleenex soothing wipes immediately after each walk to remove the salt from her pads, and then use my face lotion (remember it’s completely non-toxic) to ease her sore paws. We also have gotten paw wax to protect them going forward – but the lotion eases her sore paws as well. (Pure Haven makes the wax too!)

Working through Lily’s issues made me think about my own issues. So for my face, I realized I needed something that would wash off the elements and something that was soothing. In a moment of desperation without any research, I went to the drugstore in search of anything that I could find to help ease my discomfort. And I stumbled on CeraVa Hydrating Cleanser with hyaluronic acids. LIFE CHANGED! I went back and purchased the lotion, which wasn’t as impressive as the cleanser but was a helpful addition to my normal routine. If you live in cold weather, go out and by the Hydrating Cleanser today! You won’t be sorry!

Other tips:

  1. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water. This is a good for so many aspects of life, but it’s also imperative for your skin year-round. If you are dehydrated, one of the first places it shows is on your face.

  2. Exfoliate – don’t forget to exfoliate once a week. We often forget to do this when our skin is chapped and chafed. But, doing this helps to keep your skin renewed and refreshed.

  3. Eat healthy – I harp on this, but what you put into your body shows on the outside. If you are eating horribly, this will be reflected on your skin. Once I gave up dairy, my skin pretty much stopped breaking out completely!

  4. Workout and stay active – working out releases the toxins from your body. When I started working out, my skin started glowing quite literally from the inside out – and not from sweat! I didn’t realize it was happening, but I was getting the toxins out of my body that I hadn’t ever before.

  5. Get enough sleep – I notice immediately when I haven’t been getting enough sleep because my skin looks tired and sallow. Make sure you’re taking the steps to get the sleep you need to care for your body.

At the end of the day, your skin often is the first place to show illness and poor self-care. So by taking care of yourself and your health, you’re actually doing your beauty and skin a favor!

Do you have any other lessons learned? Comment below on how you keep your skin healthy and hydrated in the winter weather.


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