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I mean… how could I not do a blog on Miss USA this week. I’ve been obsessing over their travel, orientation, appearance and rehearsal wardrobes all week. And my girls and I – looking at you Rebecca – are plotting out are poses for Mrs. International, when we get to don our wardrobes in those same scenarios! So, pay attention to our grams!

I felt the need to share my thoughts on this year’s styles and contestants before preliminaries tonight. I’m so excited it’s pageant Superbowl week for all of us! Miss Teen USA last night, Miss USA preliminaries tonight and Miss USA Thursday!!! So much fun!

I thought I’d go over some of the top things I’ve noticed about trends and then do my picks before the preliminaries start.

All things fashion:

I’m noticing a lot of suits of all sorts this year. I know that last year Sarah Rose and Caelynn wore these cute short suits, but no one was really doing that at the time. I remember back in the day it was the only thing we wore to interview! Well, the sexy suit is back! Many of the girls wore pants suits – hello 2019 – to their interviews today!! Thank you, Hillary Clinton! Lol!

I’m also excited to see a lot of fun, fashion-forward jumpsuits and sticking with solid colors for the appearances and rehearsals this week.

And this isn’t so much about the fashion, but I do adore the going away photos. Usually my favorite day on Instagram is how everyone posed for their travel day. I think Alayah, Miss Texas USA, has the most unique and fun one I’ve seen. Most girls try to be so chic and poised with their matching luggage and sashes – but she wore a t-shirt, shorts and was in the back of a pick-up truck. I LOVED it! What an adorable way to show both the culture of her state and her personality!

My Picks (so far):

Based solely on social media since they’ve been crowned, headshots and their bios on the website, I wanted to share with you my favorite contestants in no particular order. Tomorrow after the preliminaries, I’ll post my bracket!

  • Texas: Alayah Benavidez is a stunner and she owns the runway. I watched her at Texas USA, and she was the clear winner from opening number during prelims. Alayah started her own literacy campaign and does a lot of work in her platform and the community. She is also the former Miss United States. So, she knows what it takes to be a national titleholder, but the selection committee may or may not hold that against her.

  • Virginia: Courtney Lynne Smits is another front-runner in my book. I also watched her state pageant and even though I was rooting for her FRU. She shined on stage and at 6-foot-tall, she’s literally a head taller. As a member of the Army Reserves, she advocates for mental health and suicide awareness for our Vets.

  • Mississippi: Since winning her title, Madeline Overby has been on my radar as a potential. She’s just one of the most beautiful women there. Her focus is youth empowerment, but it isn’t strategic like some of her sister queens.

  • Louisiana: Victoria Paul is another one who I’ve been watching since she took the title because she’s so stunning. She’s an emergency room nurse, who started the Hopeful-HeART program helps bring understanding to addiction, and love to those who struggle with difficult home lives like she did.

  • Utah: Amanda Giroux is a little pixie of a person and has personality for days! I’ve been watching her since her trip to Miss Universe with her famous boyfriend Austin Ride. I noticed her on his feed and that she was competing for Utah USA. No doubt she’ll win the selection committee over with her personality. She’s an advocate for eating disorder awareness and works with Project Heal.

Why am I sharing their platforms? Well, it’s not a focus for the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), but some of these women are committed to the community – as many of us pageant girls are! I believe the MUO is making a turn, and I believe the work these women are doing will make an impact on the selection committee.

Ok, stay tuned for my bracket coming at you after the preliminaries!

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