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How to get pageant sponsors

After getting an amazing CBD Spray Tan at Body Rays in Dupont Circle in DC. They are an absolutely phenomenal sponsor. They support me in everything I do and were so helpful in getting my perfect stage tan!

I have to be honest with you. I struggled with this question for years. YEARS! Asking people for money for your “hobby” just didn’t sit well with me. But then I had a realization. I was looking at this relationship in the wrong way.

As a titleholder, you are out in the community working your platform (I like to call it my mission – but that’s another post.) promoting positivity, and generally being amazing representing the community or state where you live.

Business owners are busy people and by partnering with pageant titleholders, who are doing good in the world, they are able to get goodwill for their business and positive buzz and major referrals of all your fabulous pageant friends!

I had to re-look at it like a mutually beneficial relationship and at what I could offer to them, not what they were to provide to me!

What can you offer to your potential future sponsors?

  • Social media reach Every good pageant girl usually has a large following. People love to keep up with your fabulous self as you go around sprinkling good in the world. And with that comes lots of followers and likes on your photos. Businesses can utilize this to access future customers and audiences they may not already have access to. Think like a business person, and don’t undervalue what you can offer as a micro-influencer.

  • Word of mouth referrals What’s better than one pageant girl? A group of pageant girls! We talk to each other and go to the best places to prepare for our pageants. Obviously! So, having one promoting your services will more than likely bring in more than one of her friends and sister queens.

  • Partnering on a community service event Pageant girls put in the work. If you offer to take the lead on a community service event in their name, the business will get all of the goodwill and promotion of the activity, while you do all the work in the background. It’s a huge win for them. I did this with a workout studio that sponsored my national’s ad for me. I was so grateful for this sponsorship! Plus, we did a community event for my platform and raised over $1500 for the organization I was partnered with at the time. It was a win-win-win for all parties!

How do you go about actually getting sponsorships? This is the hard part… YOU have to actually ask! YOU have to believe in yourself for someone else to! My suggestion is to make the ask to people you have solid relationships with at businesses you already frequent. What I did was approach people with an offer of what I could provide with my ask. I came forward with ideas in hand of what I could do for them before asking for anything from them.

There are schools of thought on a sponsorship letter and contact cards. But, really you should be talking to people you already know. So, you can write up a template and tweak it based on your relationship, but remember to think about it like a mutually beneficial relationship going forward.

Good luck! You’ve got this!

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