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Pageant Girls Gift Guide

What do you get the girl who seems to have everything? If you ask her, she will undoubtedly tell you a donation to her platform charity of choice. Natch. OR something very sparkly.

I decided to help make it easy for all of you who have a pageant girl in your life that you are shopping for this year. [And no, I didn’t write a blog of my own wish list items. I own most of these. I wanted to attest to the value, silly!]

For the girl in pageant prep This is your favorite competitor who is actively prepping for her next big pageant. Whether she is on her way to a postponed national competition or has decided to compete in 2021’s season, she has set her sights on the title of her dreams. The following items are sure to light her up:

  1. Rhinestone earrings – big ones. Any color. Any style. If you know a pageant girl, then you know that this is an amazing gift (for any of the categories actually), but especially for the current competitor because she has to assemble a pageant week wardrobe and accessories. If you don’t know what to choose, go with 5-inch, AB-crystal anything! They match everything. Thank me later! Check out Crown Jewel Designs on Instagram, and Ashley can help you find anything you need that may not even be on their website.

  2. Package of classes to her favorite boutique studio. I know pandemic, right? Well, many have outdoor options and others are offering streaming at-home deals. Whatever she enjoys, this is actually a big hit. I had so many people say they didn’t want to get me SoulCycle classes, because they thought it was work and they wanted to get me something I enjoy… Can you hear my exasperated sigh through? Lol! If she doesn’t have a studio, think of a fun one that you can try with her. I love going to boxing classes with friends. Or maybe one of those new rowing studios!

  3. Gift bag of pageant day/week necessities. This is so clutch and always my heart melt when someone gives me one of these. These could be day-of sources of nourishment (which if the pageant is months away may not be useful for a holiday gift, right?) like protein bars and packets of almonds or trail mix. Go crazy! Think about what you’d want when you’re away and need comforts and throw in what you now she’ll need: Band-Aids, mints, bobby pins, and some butt glue! Lol!

  4. Personalized water bottle. I cannot tell you how many pageants and pageant events that I’ve gone to where I could not find water or something to drink anywhere in sight. I always carry a Swell water bottle that I can throw in my bag or purse and not worry about it getting cold. Get it engraved with her name so she won’t get it mixed up with the other girls.

  5. A spa gift card for a facial. This is a huge win for me. An amazing sponsor of mine – shout out to Sugar House Day Spa in Old Town Alexandria – gifted me with this awesome microderm facial prior to my last national pageant. Not only was I glowing when I left for the pageant, but I was able to maintain stage makeup day-in and day-out for the full seven days without breaking out and maintained my glow!

For the titleholder in your life This is for the HQIC in your life, who is in a constant state of hurry to her next appearance or activity serving her state or region.

  1. Custom titleholder gear. Literally, anything with her title and name on it will make her smile. Double points if it’s in rhinestones or glitter. We are very easy creatures to decode! If you follow my insta, you may have seen my pink Miss Virginia tumbler. I am obsessed! Reach out to Nicole Brink at Circle City Crystals for one! Or you could go all out and get the Marc Defang clutch with her title. I have one. It always brings in the compliments! [I have the matching shoes as well!] I also love a custom robe or jacket with my title. Etsy is perfect for this kind of thing at a low price point!

  2. Gift Certificate for a Blowout. Every good queen has perfected the art of doing her own hair for appearances, but there’s something special about having it done by a pro. She usually won’t splurge unless it’s a special event or she’s competing, so by you gifting this to her you’re giving her the gift of an indulgence. My friend Mosie sent me one out of the blue recently, and I used it to film an interview. Thanks, Mos!

  3. A beautiful planner. But Courtney, everything is digital, why would you suggest giving something print. Because naysayer, this pageant girl, would not know where her head was if it was not attached to her body and must write everything down. I’m only half kidding. I started tracking everything in writing a few years ago and it works wonderfully and much better than my phone. I keep it on me at all times and it doubles as a journal or to scribble notes. Trust me, she’ll love it! Look for ones with crowns, sparkle or custom.

  4. Crowning moment drawing. This will go down as one of her favorite moments. Plus you only get to be the queen for a year, so having a keepsake is always important. There are several folks on Etsy that can capture it for you in an artistic way – some computer recreations, some drawings – so she has this moment forever. Look at Keepsake Illustrations by Sharon (adore her by the way) and Ellie Illustrations.

  5. A ring light and tripod. I can’t tell you how many photos you need for social media to promote your title or platform. And photography is expensive. I have done my fair share of selfie photoshoots since winning my most recent title. This is a learned skill. And we must all learn it! It takes good light, a Bluetooth button and patience. You can also be a good friend and take some shots for her too!

For everyone else Not to leave anyone out, I wanted to list a few items that are great go-to gifts (especially this year) regardless of if someone is a pageant girl or not. The following are all about self care and empowering ourselves.

  1. Candles. I love a great candle and would burn them all the time if I could afford to. I’d burn my savings account down, if I did that, unfortunately. When did they become so expensive? I guess in 2020… So alas, this is a great gift. I recommend the light floral tones. The famous SoulCycle candles are actually Jonathan Adler’s Grapefruit scent, and you can purchase them without the famous wheel logo for less money (shhh don’t tell anyone!). Check them out on the Jonathan Adler site right now for only $29 – normally $42. I actually am gifting myself one! (If you sign up for the emails, you get an additional 10% off.)

  2. A faux fur throw or weighted blanked. Again. Something luxurious that we will not normally purchase for ourselves. I have two fur throws that I begged, pleaded and essentially stole for and received from a family secret Santa a few years back. I’m obsessed with them to this day. I STILL want a weighted blanked and won’t pull the trigger. Do your friend a favor and do it! Check out this pink faux fur weighted blanked!

  3. Essential oil diffuser and humidifier. I love having good smells through the air (hence the candles) and I sleep with a humidifier every night. Let’s face it. If you don’t live in Houston, New Orleans or Florida, you’re likely in a drier climate come winter. My skin and hair freaks out. I found this combo for a great steal on Amazon!

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