• Courtney Phillips

#SHEROproject: My story of thriving with Thrive Global

Originally posted: April 16, 2019

When I first spoke with Dawn Burnett at Thrive Global, I was excited at the opportunity to tell my story on a platform dedicated to helping individuals improve their well-being that was developed by Arianna Huffington. I was also excited to be featured as one of their #SHEROs, which focuses on women who've overcome significant adversity and trauma and are now harnessing their passion for good to change the world.

When I got to chatting with Dawn, I realized that she was unlike any reporter I'd ever met, as she's a counselor first and foremost and a caring individual. She got details out of my story that I've had buried for years and only shared with Mark! I wasn't ashamed or trying to hide this piece or trying to cover up for anyone. I just hadn't had the courage to let it go yet.

Since this piece has published, I've felt like a weight has lifted from my chest and because Dawn told the story that needed to be told to help others who may have gone through similar circumstances in their pasts. It isn't pretty, but it's worth the read. Trigger warning if you have suffered from any form of childhood abuse or traumas.


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