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So, I tried CoolSculpting...

Ever since I first saw an ad for freezing fat with CoolSculpting, I was interested in this procedure. I have two areas of my body that no matter what I do regarding diet or exercise refuse to budge. I have an area on my mid-section and on my inner thighs that no matter how fit I get and how much targeting my exercising has been these areas remain.

So, when Dr. Gloria Duda at McLean Plastic Surgery right outside of D.C. offered to let me try out CoolScupting to help prepare me for Mrs. International, I was excited to see how it could help augment what I was already doing in the gym and in the kitchen.

With Dr. Maia, also with McLean Plastic Surgery, at my follow-up appointment!

I know many of you have a lot of the same questions I did, so I thought I’d take you along on my journey through the process to my 3-month results!

First of all, I will let you know that I was heavily training and watching my food intake during this time. I am also fit and a size 2-4 normally. The reason this process was interesting to me in the first place is because I have this small pocket of fat that lives on top of my abs no matter my size. It’s hereditary and has never gone away no matter the number of crunches or how long I can hold a plank!

I asked Dr. Duda about this. Apparently, some people have an extra layer of fat cells from genetics – another thing I can thank my parents for – that acts as a double layer and as you lose weight is just a smaller double layer. But it never disappears! But with technologies like CoolScuplting, you can freeze this second layer of fat.

Now, you’ll need to note that if you gain weight after the procedure your remaining layer will still increase in size as it normally would, but in a more balance way.

The first appointment

I went in to meet to have an assessment to discuss the areas I was interested in having the CoolSculpting done. During this appointment, the doctor and I discussed what my goals were and the timeline for meeting them. I told her about the pageant and how long I had until I needed to be stage ready. She then left the room for me to undress and put on a gown.

When she returned she looked over my abdominal and inner thigh region that I’d struggled the most with getting rid of those suborn areas. She determined how many sessions it would take and what my treatment plan would be in order to obtain my desired results.

All hooked up to the machine ready for nap time!

The procedure

When I returned for my CoolSculpting procedure, I met with Cristina who also is on their team. She started the process by taking measurements and photos. They said that often you don’t notice the effects because it takes 3-4 months for the full results, but it’s more obvious with measurements and photos.

Then it was time to have the process done. They put this slimy goo on your skin and then the machine and put you in a comfortable position and leave you in a dimly lit room for half an hour! I will say the first five minutes on each body part is kind of like when you put ice directly on your skin – I realize that may be obvious with “freezing fat,” but it didn’t seem that obvious to me! So, that part was kind of painful! But, then it doesn’t feel like anything! I sat there and read a magazine. Each area takes about 30-minutes, and then you go home! That’s it!

Yes, the bloating is a real thing! :(


I was told about the recovery, but I didn’t fully grasp that I would have down time like I did. I’m sure everyone reacts differently, but my body had full “trauma.” The areas that were treated bloated extremely large like balloons for about a week and were numb to the touch for about 3 weeks. There was also pain to the touch and random shooting pain during that 3-week period as the feeling returned to the areas.

Dr. Duda and Cristina both explained all of this to me before I decided to go through with it, and after dealing with the recovery, I would do it again. It was not that bad! It was just more than I expected hearing that I would bloat and feel numbness. I wanted to fully share the experience and be completely transparent with you.

The results spoke for themselves!

The afters

Was it worth it? I definitely notice a difference on my inner thighs, even post pageant with my diet and exercise back to normal (i.e. less restrictive). On my abs, it is much less noticeable, but I had been recommended to have two treatments and only had time for one prior to nationals. So, I don’t have the full effects that I had hoped for or that I notice on my thighs. Was it worth it for what I accomplished on my abs? Yes. Do I wish I had the full effects? Yes! Would I do it again? Yes? Do I recommend the procedure and their office? Yes, absolutely!

If you are like me and are struggling with small areas of fat, are committed to health and fitness as well, but those areas just won’t budge, I would look into this treatment, if you have the time and resources to do it. I have struggled with these areas for my entire life and wish I hadn’t waited my entire adult life to address them!

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