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Spinning through life

Many of you may have heard me tell my story about my anxiety and how it affects my thoughts causing me to overthink my daily interactions and conversations repeatedly. I also regularly talk about how one of my coping mechanisms for my anxiety is indoor cycling class, or spin class. (Along with writing – which is what we’re doing here!)

So, when trying to decide on an appropriate name for my blog, I landing on “Spinning through Life,” because I feel it accurately describes my life with anxiety disorder – I’m either spinning in my head or spinning on the bike.

To find a way to visually display this idea, I looked for an illustrator. This amazing artist on Etsy, Dimple Asha Illustrations, helped me put together an image depicting exactly what this looks like for me: a girl spinning on her bike like crazy with thoughts swirling through her head, with her little doggie beside her of course! The thoughts in her head were things I cover in my blog. I had this idea for a while, but couldn’t find anyone to visually show it until I found Dimple Asha. I’m super happy with it and it’s now my logo and header for the blog.

Even though the purpose isn’t to write about anxiety, as I’ve expanded my mental health advocacy work I’ve added posts in this area. So, you’ll find some helpful tips and tools mixed in with beauty, fitness and travel.

Please enjoy the blog, send me ideas you have of things you’d like me to write about and have a blessed and positive day!

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