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Why I'm against Hallmark Holidays…

Originally posted February 10, 2020 -- updated to include a Galentine's playlist!

Do you pine for a Valentine to spend the day with? Or search the aisles of Nordstrom looking for the perfect gift for your partner for that special day? Or are you constantly running for a last-minute gift to grab for your mom or dad just in time for Mother’s or Father’s Day?

Let me tell you something. I'm not for that! I stand against all Hallmark Holidays. And first of all, I want to preface this by saying that I am not salty because I don’t have those folks to spend my hard-earned dollars on. (I get how that may seem that way, but my feelings on these "days" has been the same for a long time.) This goes WAY back. Now granted, I have not had a mom to celebrate for Mother’s Day, since I was seven, but hear me out...

All three of these days are stacked with prix fix menus at restaurants – that you have to book weeks in advance – to eat food you likely wouldn’t have ordered that doesn’t taste as good, as it would have if you HAD wanted to order it in the first place. While you're stacked in tiny tables with extra people coughing their coronavirus on your. Plus, there’s all this build-up around surprises and gifts, and it’s all utter and total bullshit based solely on consumerism. Save your money for living and experiences people! Retailers and restaurants are just trying to make a buck. That’s it! #sorrynotsorry

To be completely honest here, I have had a significant other for the last 13 Valentine’s Days, and I selfishly declared it a standard day of the week. Please take note: send me flowers on a random Tuesday or do something really special on my birthday. Or take me out for a super nice dinner when I get a promotion, am featured on a new docu-series or land a new job. Or throw me a party for the anniversary of the day I last stubbed my toe. (Ok, that last one was a joke.) It’s just so bland. And maybe I’m too extra to be thrown in with every other human on the planet, but why should we all celebrate on the same day, when we’re all so unique.

Mother’s and Father’s Day is a bit of a different burden for me, as it is triggering for my trauma, so I can see how this one can be hard to justify. But it rings true to the same thing. My dad was so special and my best friend in the world. Why would I celebrate him on the day that every other dad gets celebrated? Just because Hallmark decided so? No! That’s lame and bland too! Now, don’t get me wrong, I still got him a gift every year and celebrated, because I wanted him to have the moment. But I legit think a celebration that was special to him would mean so much more.

Sure, a lot if not most people do both, but why the forced event, forced holiday. I think it’s a way to waste money. I also think Valentine’s Day without a partner makes singles feel insecure as if they should have someone when in reality you don’t need a partner to be absolutely more than enough in this world. And by the same token, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day makes children who’ve lost their mothers and fathers, mothers and fathers who’ve lost their children, and those who long to be mothers and fathers but are unable to become ones all insecure, sad and grieve heavier on those days.

I’m over it. I’m done with consumer-driven holidays. You can find me going to a workout class and then on the couch watching Netflix. Enjoy your prix fix menus and chocolates. I'll see you on Memorial Day at the lake! :)

2021 Galentine's Playlist

I've built a playlist of fun empowering and somewhat true songs about being single in 2021 for my ladies out there. It even has Taylor's rerelease of "Love Story" that came out TODAY! I hope you enjoy!

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