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Why I’m not making a resolution this year

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

New year, New you! That’s what everyone says every year. And every year, I believe they really mean it until about January 20 or maybe even February 1. I may be a hater, but I am one of the few that gets annoyed at the “resolutioners” taking parking spots at the gym/studio for the first few weeks in January.

First of all, I have to tell you that I’m not a curmudgeon! One of my core values and one of the things that keeps my anxiety in check is my focus on positive affirmations and positive thinking. Therefore, stay with me on this thought train!

If you do a New Year’s resolution, you are committing to something in the New Year. Which, by definition is only for the first month or couple of months of the year. After that, it’s no longer a “new” year. People generally set such lofty resolutions that it’s impossible for them to comply all year long. They set plans to completely change their lives and then can’t keep those changes or never really intended to in the first place.

What do I do instead?

I’m going to set GOALS. Goals by their very nature are actionable and achievable. Even lofty goals have smaller steps to help you stay the course.

In past years, my New Year goals have actually changed my life. I cut out sugar and dairy by focusing on healthy eating in 2016. (I’m human I do cheat occasionally on the sugar one.) I started my every day workout habit with my 2017 goal of being more active each day. And I completely changed my mindset with my 2018 goal of doing a daily gratitude journal and creating positive affirmations for myself.

What’s my goal for 2019? I will win Mrs. International 2019, so that I can bring my platform of “Hope for Invisible Wounds” to much larger international audience and hopefully impact many more people suffering from mental anguish from traumas.

It may sound presumptuous to some to put that in writing or farfetched to others. But to me, I believe in putting it down and working toward what I want to achieve. By setting my goals, writing them down and telling others about them, I’m holding myself accountable to working toward them. Plus, why would I be entering a pageant that I didn’t have a goal of winning?

I don’t know what the judges will decide in July. I have faith in their decision and in God that everything will work out as it should. What I do know is if you shoot for the moon and attain it, you’ll be on the moon. If you miss, you’ll fall amongst the stars.

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