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Why I wear white after Labor Day

Since we’ve finally seen the temps drop below 85 degrees in D.C., I feel now is the time to address this elephant in the room. The age-old fashion rule about wearing white after Labor Day.

This is my Black Halo Jackie jumpsuit. You may recognize it, as Megan Markle wore the dress version in black last year. It has the same neckline. It makes me feel like a true Boss Babe!

If you know me, you know that I adore white. All white everything. My entire home is white with light grey walls, so the white pops even more!

I realize that home decor and fashion are not the same things, but let’s be honest your tastes tend to be similar. If you are chic and clean in home décor, you’ll be chic and clean in fashion. And the same goes for shabby chic.

I’m here to share my reasons for wearing white past the annual celebration of the Labor movement:

  1. I don’t subscribe to archaic rules in fashion, work or life period. I’m a feminist after all. I believe in equal pay for equal work and a woman’s rights to her own body. So, why am I going to succumb to some old lady’s fashion rules? #sorrynotsorry

  2. It’s usually very warm until well past Labor Day. And with the earth warming up constantly, we know that trend isn’t likely to change. Why should I wear dark colors when it’s still 85 degrees and higher?

  3. I love white and feel really bold and confident. Anything – any color, style, design – that makes you feel bold and confident should be worn year-round, my friends! I tend to do a winter white in the cold winter months, and my friends sometimes call me Olivia Pope… I secretly love it!

  4. Who cares what you wear? You should wear what you want to wear! Be authentically you and do what makes you happy. My friend Leiah always say to be unapologetically you! And I love adopting that mantra! Just don’t mix black shoes with a brown belt or wear a green gown in a pageant. Because just no!

This was a party well after Labor Day that was all white themed and I love it! I'm wearing a lace dress with a nude lining from Vici Dolls Boutique. Mine is for sale in my Poshmark store for 1/2 price, if you want to check it out!

Ways to rock white this fall:

  • Rock an amazing white transition coat. I just got the winter white Lord+Taylor wool coat below, and I’m obsessing over it. I was told at a coffee shop recently by a stranger that I looked so put together. I had no makeup on and my hair was all a mess! Totally amazed! Winter White Lord+Taylor Wool Coat

White H&M Wool Blend

  • Grab a pair of white work pants. You can’t go wrong as long as you style them appropriately. I love this with a great leopard print sweater or scarf. Check out this great find from Betabrand, which is dress yoga pants! What more could a girl want? And, if your budget can handle it, these wide-leg Black Halos are to die for! Winter White Twill BetaBrand Pants

Black Halo Wide-leg Pants

  • Grab a fabulous white sweater and pair it with dark jeans and heeled boots. You’ll be ready for the pumpkin patch or apple picking Instagram photo session in no time! Express Ribbed Button Sweater

White Grid ChicWish Sweater

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